Brow & Lash Services in Grande Prairie's Leading Spa

Our highly skilled lash and brow technicians can help enhance your natural features with the help of eyelash extensions, an eyelash lift & tint, or brow henna. These options are a great choice to simplify and add convenience to your everyday morning routine. Our qualified Grande Prairie lash and brow technicians can help you choose the best brow and lash enhancement to suit your daily needs and lifestyle.

Classic or Volume Lashes?

What’s the Difference?
With classic lash extensions, our technicians will apply 1 of our premium Novalash lashes to 1 of your natural lashes to give a longer, thicker lash. This is most similar to wearing mascara and will give a natural but enhanced look to your eyes.

With volume lash extensions, our technicians apply a small fan of lashes (2-7 lash fan) to one of your natural lashes to give a much fuller, longer and thicker lash. This will dramatically enhance your lashes appearance. Volume lashes also tend to look better longer.

Will my lashes be damaged?

No, with the use of proper separation techniques, our technicians can guarantee no harm will come to your natural lashes. You will see as the natural lash shed process occurs, 1 of your natural lashes will fall out and attached to it will be 1 Novalash lash extension.

Eyelash Extensions Grande Prairie


Technician: Sacha

  • Full set of Classic Lashes $150
  • Full set of Volume Lashes $150
  • 3 week lash fill $80
  • 4 week lash fill $100

Technician: Candace

  • Full set of Classic Lashes $150
  • 3 week lash fill $75

Lash Lift & Tint

Long-lasting eyelash perming method that looks natural and is more effective than traditional methods. This new lash lift treatment is the perfect alternative for clients who aren’t up for the maintenance of lash extensions but want their eyes to pop.


Lash lift Grande Prairie

Brow Henna

Brow Henna is industry leading, long-lasting brow tint that remains on the brow hair for up to six weeks and can stay on the skin underneath brow hair for up to two weeks!

Brow Henna is the longest lasting brow tinting option on the market. With 12 shades and 100% customizable, this natural vegan product can help you achieve your brow goals.


  • Brow Henna $60